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Juliette Armand: Daily Routine for Anti Ageing
Juliette Armand: Daily Routine for Combination Oily Skin
Juliette Armand: Daily Routine for Anti-Ageing-30-35-years
Juliette Armand: Daily Routine for Anti-Ageing 35 years Plus

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What is Acne?
Acne vulgaris is the most common skin disease in industrial nations. It usually begins during puberty, in line with hormone changes, and may persist into later adulthood. Approximately 80-90% of
What do we love about autumn?  It is important in this season to change your skincare products to protect your skin to the seasonal change.  The air is drier, so
The Cause of Sagging Skin
As people grow older, they may find that their skin is not as firm and radiant as it once was. Sagging skin can have many different causes, and finding the
The Top Three Causes of Wrinkles
Today with the active use of social media and television, there is massive emphasis on looking younger!  We live in a baby boomer era, where the 50 years of age
What is Skin Peeling?
Peels are a salon only treatment performed by a trained Beauty Therapist. Simplistic answer is it involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to remove its outer layers. Depending
Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic acid is widely used in skin care creams, injectables and supplements. This magic ingredient is a gel- like water holding molecule that is the space filler and cushioning agent
The Truth about Acne
Acne is a common problem among teens and even mature adults – and probably responsible for many shed tears and sleepless nights and lack of confidence. People will try every
The new Age of Anti-Age
If you love learning about ingredients in skincare products, then I have discovered two which are at the forefront of skin technology. Whilst spending time in the research laboratory of