The Truth about Acne


Acne is a common problem among teens and even mature adults – and probably responsible for many shed tears and sleepless nights and lack of confidence.
People will try every remedy in their desperate attempt to get rid of pimples, such as applying toothpaste, fresh fruit or even castor oil to the afflicted areas!
With so many acne myths out there, it’s important to know exactly what is going on with your skin!


Myth #1: It might be hereditary

According to the medical research, you can’t blame mum and dad for this one!
The Internet Health Library states that while some experts do acknowledge that acne tends to be more common in children of acne-afflicted parents, “acne is not an inherited disease in the medical sense of the word”.
It seems that getting acne is a game of luck – some children inherit it, while others escape scot-free.


Myth #2: It might have something to do with your diet

This myth is hotly contested. Some people believe eating chocolate or fatty foods can cause pimples, while others argue that there is no medical research to support the links between diet and acne.
To be on the safe side, dermatologists tend to advise people to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and follow a healthy diet, as this will help to improve overall skin health and wellbeing.
However, according to the British Skin Foundation, the cause of acne is physical: the result of excess skin oil and clogged pores. With the right products you can get the help for your skin and go on eating chocolate!


Myth #3: It might just get better on its own

Many people try to “wait out” bad acne, suffering from terrible sores and pimples for months if not years without getting help.
What they might not know is that acne doesn’t necessarily get better on its own – and if it does, there could be a long wait!


What is the best starting point for acne?

One of the best starting points for acne is to have an intensive salon peel, this will gently take away the dead skin cells which could be clogging the pores of the skin and this will allow the active ingredients of a good skincare brand to penetrate down the dermal level of the skin to start to detox, heal and repair.  Follow by using a good skincare regime morning and night.  (Try Juliette Armand 08 Acne Products)

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