What are the differences between Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Peels?


Glycolic acid

This is the most active and beneficial peel and is made from sugar cane.  Its molecule size is very small, therefore can penetrate through the cell walls.  It will trigger new formation of collagen and reduce wrinkles on the skin’s surface, giving the skin a much smoother feel and look.


Lactic acid

Is a natural humectant which occurs naturally in the skin and because of this, it is able to pull moisture from the air and hold it into the skin.  It is less irritating and more moisturising than Glycolic, so can be used in higher concentrations.


Salicylic acid

A mild acid which works well for mild acne, oily skin and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Can be mixed with Glycolic to peel the top layer of the skin and to open the plugged pores to normalise the skin.

Lactic and Salicylic peels compliment each other perfectly.

Following a peel, the skin absorbs the skincare more effectively, ensuring even better results from your skincare.


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Glycolic Acid 50%

100% pure Glycolic acid.  Penetrates the epidermis.  Keratolytic effect, skin cell regeneration, reduction of fine lines and discolouration, tightening.  PH 1.2%


Glycolic Acid 70%

Small molecular structure, allows penetration into skin cells.  PH 0.7%

Results in immediate and intense exfoliation of the horny layer and simultaneous regeneration of cells.

Cell regeneration, reduction of wrinkles, acne scars and discolouration, glow enhancement.


Lactic Acid 50%

Larger molecule, milder than that of glycolic acid, thus preventing skin irritations.  PH 1.5%

It stimulates the production of collagen and naturally hydrates the skin.

A combination of mild exfoliation, regeneration and hydration that it offers makes it an ideal peeling treatment for sensitive and dehydrated skins, or having a chemical peel for the first time.


Lactic Acid 80%

Sensitive and dry skins, melasma, wrinkles, acne rosacea, photoageing benefit from this peel.

Naturally hydrates the skin, and increases the formation of ceramides, thus enhancing the function of the keratin barrier.

PH 0.9%

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