The Cause of Sagging Skin


As people grow older, they may find that their skin is not as firm and radiant as it once was. Sagging skin can have many different causes, and finding the right solution can make a huge difference to an individual’s physical appearance and self-confidence.

The good news is there are ways to help your clients regain their youthful glow!

Here are some facts about sagging skin to help your customers better understand the problem and the treatments that are available.


The causes of sagging skin

As if ageing isn’t hard enough with wrinkles, grey hair and cellulite already in the mix, life decided to throw us women another curveball and invite sagging skin the party! Why, you may ask?

According to, sagging skin is predominantly caused by ageing (surprise, surprise!) but it may also be triggered by a depleted supply of collagen and elastin (two essential components for taut skin) or the result of significant weight loss.

Most of these causes may be out of your control, but using the right skincare and salon treatments can help dramatically.


Products for sagging skin


Collagen and elastin are the major skin proteins.  They are responsible for skin firmness and elasticity, while they contribute to skin cell regeneration and restoration.  Building up the collagen and skin elasticity can be as simple as an effective Cosmeceutical serum and moisturiser.  An effective serum used daily with a moisturiser, will over a period of time replenish the collagen and elastin reserves.


 Collagen Elastin Serum is a serum which replenishes the collagen and elastin reserves, retains moisture in the skin and increases skin moisture.    A serum will act as a carrier which allows the cream to “piggy back” the serum, taking the cream into deeper layers of the skin to work more effectively. Therefore each morning and night, as part of the skincare regime, apply serum, followed by cream.

Collagen Elastin Serum

Hydra Firming 24h Cream is based on the protein complex Milk Peptide.  It reinforces the connective tissues of the skin and maintains high levels of collagen and elastin.  Liftessence and Osilift are active ingredients which offer firming results.

Hydra Firming Cream

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