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If you love learning about ingredients in skincare products, then I have discovered two which are at the forefront of skin technology.

Whilst spending time in the research laboratory of the Juliette Armand Skin Care brand in Athens, I was astonished at the amount of extensive research that goes into formulating beauty products. The quality and precision of the pure raw ingredients used in the products have to be exact, as the right balance and harmony of ingredients need to deliver healthy amounts of nutrition and wellness to the skin cells. This will result in a hydrated, nourished and restored skin texture.


Have you heard about Lipoic Acid?

This is a potent antioxidant, 400 times more potent than vitamin E and C which is present on the skin. Lipoic Acid is known as the universal antioxidant, because it is capable of dissolving in water-phase and in oil-phase, which results in being readily absorbed from the skin.

Besides improving skin texture, Lipoic acid has many other health benefits.

Reduces oxidative stress in the body via powerful antioxidant activity.

  • Improves blood sugar levels.
  • Reduces blood pressure.
  • Reduces weight.
  • Prevents bone loss, possibly through anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Removes toxic metals from the body.


Have you heard of  EUK-134?

This very potent ingredient mimics the action of two natural enzyme, catalase and SOD. It protects skin tissue from toxic substances known as ROS [reactive oxygen species] ozone, hyper oxides and free radicals in general. It protects DNA from UV light and reduces UV induced erythema and prevents lipid peroxidation. It is capable of regenerating after the completion of its anti-oxidant action, so it is not consumed as time progresses. It was initially used as an anti-skin cancer drug.

About the Author


Juliette Armand Australia is a Cosmeceutical and Paramedical skin and body care range of products and treatments originating from Greece since 1992. Formulated by our Chemists, using our own formulation of active ingredients, together with complex delivery systems which work at a deeper cellular level, repairing, rebuilding, regenerating and restoring the natural hydration levels of the skin. The best and most superior of scientific breakthroughs in cosmetology, blending together with the beauty from nature. A diverse range with a solution for every type of skin problem at any age.

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