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Juliette Armand Product Information


Elements Of Evolution: Cosmeceutical  Range

The Elements of Evolution Cosmeceutical range of products is based on the latest ingredients in Cosmetology, scientifically formulated by our own Chemists since 1992.  Imitating nature, using ingredients sourced around the globe. Blending science with nature.  All products are free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol. Dermatologically tested and allergen free. Offering a solution for every skin concern, issue and for every age.

Juliette Armand’s theory is to address the skin’s needs at a cellular level using a diverse, multi delivery systems which allows every ingredient to penetrate to the layers of the skin exactly where needed, to repair, hydrate, regenerate and protect the skin.

The skin has moods. It speaks to us and requires values.

Some talk about skin types, Juliette Armand talks about skin mood.

Some talk about dryness… Juliette Armand talks about mood.

Some talk about wrinkles… Juliette Armand talks about damage.

Skin mood. That is how diagnosis is translated to us, taking steps beyond the definitions of sensitive, dry, and oily skin and proceeding to a more holistic… more specific… more personal professional diagnosis.

Not all normal skins age at the same pace.

Not all dry skins are affected by the environment to the same extent. A serum cannot have the same effect even on similar skin types.

That is the reason why Juliette Armand created multidimensional products: to achieve maximum efficiency for every skin mood.

Juliette Armand is distributed to select Beauty Salons and Day Spas in over 34 countries.

  • World Leaders in research and formulation of skincare
  • Offering a Personalised composition to meet every skins needs
  • Own formulation of active ingredients
  • Powerful anti ageing formulations to halt and reverse the ageing process

Skin Boosters: Paramedical Range

Is it possible for skincare products to be so effective for Anti-ageing ?

Skin Boosters Paramedical range  were developed in Juliette Armand’s own laboratories to bring a revolution in cosmetology science.  Creating an advanced therapy that exploits the strength of each person’s cells.

With Skin BOOSTERS, the dynamic, complex and technologically advanced formulas, “Boost” the skin by pushing it to surpass the skins own established capabilities.
A serum, cream and eye care for advanced paramedical products for superior advanced anti-ageing products.

Juliette Armand Anti Surgery System

Sun Bliss: Sun Protection

The SunBliss is a powerful untinted sun protection cream, designed to meet the need for sun protection both from UVA and UVB, in accordance with strict standards.  Perfect for the Australian climate!

The innovative antioxidant complex ANTITOX TM was created in the Juliette Armand laboratories, constituting a new generation of powerful antioxidant cocktails dominated by the ingredient EUK-134, with the pioneering mechanism that revives its antioxidant ingredients.

Juliette Armand sun protection is suitable for adults as well as children of all ages, in all climates. Perfect for every day use, the beach all when playing sport.

As well as offering sun protection, will moisturise the skin against photo-ageing.