About Juliette Armand Skincare Range – Advanced Personal Professional Skincare

About Juliette Armand Skincare

Ioulia Armagou

About Juliette Armand Skincare

A story of Personal Creation ……..

From the need of one woman, to the want of many women in the world today!

Born and raised in a middle class family in Athens, Ioulia Armagou went to university and became a Chemist. Inspired by both of her supportive parents, who always instilled strong values which were never to be compromised.  With a strong work ethic, Ioulia was encouraged to become independent, to find her way in life and make something of her life that she could be proud of.

At the age of 19, Ioulia’s beloved father passed away leaving her with the financial responsibilities of the family, whilst still studying for her degree. Using her strong personal values, Ioulia credits them for helping her through this very difficult time in her life. To this day Ioulia still uses those same values in her company.

For 10yrs Ioulia worked at Shell Petroleum where she would learn and gain valuable skills, and experience she would later apply into her own company.

Scientifically Advanced Skincare

At a point in her life where Ioulia was unable to find and effective moisturising cream which suited her skin, she developed  her own cream. This created an interest through family and friends, which continued to grow.  Thus the start of Juliette Armand skincare was formed from a “need and a want”.

The company Juliette Armand was established in 1992 when together with her husband, also a Chemist, Michalis Papaefstratiou, began developing new formulas and applying personal values to their own laboratory work.

Later through a personal need for her son, who was a sport active person, came about in developing a product which protected against the sun, but also acted as a moisturiser and fights against photo ageing.

Developing new effective formulations using high quality, pure active ingredients sourced from around Europe and around the world. Their motivation was to develop a skin care brand that would address the needs and concerns of every women at very affordable prices.


Advanced Personal Professional Skincare

The company boasts their own patented active ingredients, state of the art, independently owned building with fully equipped laboratory, bottling and manufacturing facilities.  With their own in house team of Doctors, Dermatologists, Chemists and Dermal therapists working together, to grow this innovative brand which is now widely known for its extensive laboratory research in the latest trends in skin technology, using pure ingredients. Also applying their personal values of effectiveness and safety in the products.

Currently the Juliette Armand brand is in 60% of Greece’s beauty salons and has a global presence in over 32 countries and ever increasing.

The company continues to work with passion, continuously searching for the next formula, the next combination, the next innovation …


The entire Juliette Armand product range are dermatologically tested and allergen free. Are all free of parabens, propylene glycol, mineral oil, and are not tested on animals.