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Juliette Armand Testimonials

Mini face lift in a jar I loved trialling this product. I was lucky to receive this during the June discovery bag. I have been using this cream, morning and night for just under 2 weeks, and in that time my skin has improved dramatically. My fine lines have reduced so much they are only visible now when I smile! Also my skin around my chin and neck is firmer... Looks like I have lost weight! My cheek bones are more defined! I had some fine lines beginning to form on my décolletage and since applying the cream these have nearly gone! This cream is amazing! It's lightweight and feels nice and rich to touch but sinks into the skin so easily, leaving the skin soft to touch but not oily under make- up. It is bright yellow in colour but this doesn't show when applied to the skin haha. It has such a gentle, pleasant smell. I just love it!! I will buy this again! If I ever get through the jar! I have barely made a dent! A little goes such a long way. Any Tips?: Apply morning and night on the neck and décolletage. Let the product sink into the skin before applying makeup. Any excess product left on your fingers can be applied to the backs of the hand! I've noticed great results here too. Ideal For...: This product is a little pricy so you do expect it to work. Luckily it does just that. If you are wanting to curb the fine lines and ageing process, this product is one to look getting your hands on.
Best skin I've ever had - in one use! This mask is absolutely phenomenal. I don't know where to start because I can't recommend it enough. The Juliette Armand Exfo Line Mask is my favourite product discovery of the year so far, all thanks to the BeautyHeaven's Winter Discovery Bag (June 2017). I had never heard of the brand before, nor did I know what to expect. Now I'm super grateful and without a doubt, will be purchasing her other items to try because of the exceptional quality I experienced in this product. My skin type: very dry (parched, dehydrated) and sensitive. This mask transformed my skin within one use. Hard to believe, but you have to experience it for yourself. THE RESULTS: clear, plump, radiant skin that is so much brighter and looks lit from within; visibly cleaner and smaller pores; smoothest nose I've ever felt (it's usually rough because of blackheads); softest and smoothest skin I've ever touched. Essentially, it gave me the best skin I've ever had - in one use. My moisturiser glided on like silk afterwards, it was pure heaven. I was in awe and couldn't stop saying, "Oh my god, look at my skin!". All the face masks I've ever used only relieved my dry skin for 1-2 days at most, then it would feel tight and flaky again. I used this Juliette Armand mask a week ago and there are still NO signs of flaking and my skin is SO balanced! The formula comes out as a pale pink paste mixed with what looks like (or similar to) an abundance of brown walnut shells as the exfoliator, so I would best describe this product as a thick, rich scrub-paste consistency. The smell is divine, I think I may be addicted to it. It's a light, refreshing yet calming and modern sweet-floral scent that has the luxurious/expensive vibe attached to it. I don't think anyone would dislike…
Delicious Scent and Leave Skin Glowing and Fresh Thanks BH for the opportunity to try this product as part of the Winter Discovery Bag. This was such a yummy peel to try! Quick summary of my skin type. Skin Type: Prone to dry skin, fair, sensitive Acne/Spots: Generally clear skin, infrequent spots appear Age: 26 The peeling cream comes in a smallish tube, easy to fit into overnight bags if you want to pamper yourself elsewhere. The tube dispenser ensures the product remains clean and it is easy to maintain the cleanliness of the tube as it is simple enough to wipe off. The scent if you could guess it smells like chocolate, absolutely divine and will satisfy any sweet-tooth. The facial peeling cream gives a gentle exfoliation and as my skin is sensitive and can be prone to redness especially with exfoliators due to their harshness on my skin. The bottle says to apply the peel in circular motions so you get the most out of the exfoliator and to wash off with warm water, the almond granules are extremely gentle and the product went a long way. The wait time is only 10-15 minutes and it is easily washed off. After use my skin a refreshing glow, felt smooth and was also left hydrated, even the next day it still felt soft and smooth. My skin seemed more even (most probably due to the dead skin being removed) so I am keen to keep using this product and seeing the health of my skin change long term. I would re-purchase this product again, it's a nice little DIY pamper treat and the smell is just amazing! Ideal For...: Sensitive and dry skin, but works with all skin types and all ages Chocolate lovers and those with a sweet tooth!
LOVE THIS! WOW, okay so I must admit I have not used a product with AHA in it (not that I can recall anyway!) and I did not really know what I was in for. The product says it's a multi-action fluid that exfoliates, moisturises, firms and whitens the skin, while boosting its natural regeneration process, making the skin soft and more radiant (YAS). As soon as I started using it as a night moisturisers, I noticed instantly my skin look hydrated, smooth, felt soft and my complexion looked brighter! The best bit is that I did not break out from this, and I continued to still use my night time oil in conjunction with this serum. This is such a winner in my opinion! Any Tips?: Use sparingly @ night time Ideal For...: Anyone who wants a brighter, healthier complexion and has concerns of anti-ageing, dull skin, pigmentation ect! xx
Perfect for my sensitive skin!! This was my surprise product in the Winter Discovery Bag and I am so over the moon that it was!! I am really amazed at how well this cleanser works in my extremely sensitive skin!!! I found that this cleanser thoroughly washes my face, without being harsh and that it also reduces the amount of oil on my face also!! I really like the consistence of this cleasner in that it is a very light gel, but very effective!! The packaging is very easy to use and the amount you are supplied with is very generous!!
The gel came in a box with a seal. It was nicely packed and the gel was in a syringe like tube. I think it is a clever design but it did put me off a little bit because I’m scared of needles and I was too scared to bring it close to my eye area so I pumped the gel on to my hand and then used it under my eyes. The formula has a thick, balm like consistency. It melted like butter into my under eye area, it felt soo incredibly smoothing and hydrating. Didn’t see much of a difference with the dark circles yet, but it certainly reduced my eye bags and gave me a more awake look. The other plus point was, this is the big one, it acted like a great primer for my concealer, my concealer always tend to get settled in to my fine lines and with this gel it didn’t. My concealer sat on top of this gel perfectly. Overall I quite love this gel, it really hydrates my under eye area and instantly reduces the puffiness under my eyes. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get over the design but this is a small miracle for everyone that has tired puffy looking eyes.
This cynic was totally converted - it's fabulous. I received the Micro Lift serum in the Winter 2017 Discovery Bag – thank you for the opportunity to trial it. This is a fabulous product. It’s a serum, and you apply a very small amount to your face each evening. It’s easy to apply, and absorbs well. After applying a serum I will usually wait a minute or two before applying moisturiser, and that was plenty of time for it to be absorbed. I noticed the moisturising and softening effects almost at once. Within a few days my skin looked a lot better; better moisturised, a little softer, and generally in better condition. I just looked better overall. I actually thought my face looked a little tighter, and then a couple of days later when I checked the exact name of this product, was surprised to realise it claims to have lifting properties. I’m normally pretty cynical about such claims, but this really delivered. This felt lovely going on, and made a positive difference to my appearance within a week. I’ll definitely use this again, and I recommend it to anyone with more mature skin (I’m in my forties). Any Tips?: A little goes a long way. Ideal For...: Anyone who's noticing the signs of ageing.
Luxury for evening Juliette Armand Nourishing Night Cream came in my Winter Discovery Bag and I love it. It comes in a small glass jar with a white and purple screw top lid and looks very cute. The cream inside is white with little very small red pellets throughout the cream. It goes onto your skin beautifully absorbs well and leaves your skin feeling soft and lovely..not heavy as some night creams are. It has a nice smell which does not linger too long but is pleasant. I will have to wait and see about the wrinkles and fine lines disappearing .. It states it is suitable for normal, dry,fatigued and listless skin so that covers almost everyone. It contains a whole heap of ingredients but is Paraben free and oil free and allergen free. Any Tips?: Make sure you skin is clean and gently apply to your face and neck. Ideal For...Everyone!
MAGICAL I was lucky enough to receive this lovely little serum in the June '17 Discovery Bag and WOW what a discovery! This serum comes in a dark glass bottle with a handy dropper that managed to dispense the perfect amount of product. The consistency is fairly thick (and not runny! to my absolute relief when I knocked the open bottle into my sink yesterday!) and it has a light, pleasant scent. My skin is extremely sensitive and very dry, so testing new skincare is always a little bit of a gamble. But I really shouldn't have worried; this serum is the most wonderful, magical thing I have ever put on my face. It feels instantly hydrating and firming without making my face feel tight or oily. Perhaps I am just easily swayed by marketing terms like " intensive moisturising" and "hydrating" but I could almost literally feel my skin lapping up the goodness in this lovely serum. It glided on effortlessly and I could feel the difference almost immediately. While I am lucky enough not to have any fine lines that concern me yet, I did notice that my skin felt plumper and firmer. For the first time in a long time my skin has been almost blemish free for nearly a whole month, and I am beginning to think this nourishing little baby is to thank. It doesn't clog pores or encourage breakouts like some oil products and it goes on beautifully under makeup and moisturiser. My face actually glows! Just magic. My only complaint? That it is apparently only available through selected spas and beauty salons. If I could find this range at a department store, chemist or priceline, I would be an absolute devotee. Any Tips?: Get your hands on this at all costs! Ideal For...: Anyone with sensitive, dry skin that needs a gentle, hydrating serum. Or who wants to rub magic on their face!
The best moisturiser ever! Over the past 20 years the pigmentation on my face was getting darker and more noticeable, due to pregnancy and the early onset of menopause. Hyperpigmentation and age spots started to appear and I was increasingly conscious of how my skin looked. I always wore a sunscreen and protected my face from the sun, but the dark patches were not subsiding... About 18 months ago I discovered Juliette Armand Skincare and the most amazing moisturiser ever! I started using the Whitening 24hr Cream and within a week I noticed the change in my skin . Now the pigmentation is barely noticeable and the age spots are much lighter in colour. My skin is hydrated, nourished and has an even skin tone. I seriously could not be happier with this product. I now have the confidence again to not hide my skin under a tonne of makeup! Any Tips?: I use Whitening 24hr Cream morning and night on a freshly cleansed skin. Just recently I purchased the Whitening Serum to go underneath the moisturiser to enhance my complexion and give it a radiant boost. The combination of both products is truly remarkable. My tip is try these products you will be amazed at the results! Ideal For...: Combination, Dry, Normal & Mature Skin.
Interesting packaging but it works. Gel in a syringe tube. Good packaging as you don’t get the rest of the ingredients contaminated. You only need to use a tiny little bit. I use one finger to dab the creamy texture around my eye area and also around my mouth. It feels soft and creamy. Basically melts as you put it on. Tingles a little for a while and it works. I am pleasantly surprised. It certainly reduced the bags under my eyes. I must get my hubby to use this!
I actually use this product regularly as a toner after I have cleansed with the Hydra Cleansing milk which I also enjoy using. Love the feel. Some toners tend to sting but this cleanser has a softening and calming effect on my skin. Its invigorating too as it tends to make my skin look alive. My skin feels soft and moisturised preparing it for the next step of my beauty routine. I use a cotton ball to apply and don’t rinse.
This eye makeup remover has become a stable in my makeup bag. Love the texture. It is as it promotes silky on the skin and easily removes all my eye makeup. I really like the fact that it is a oil-water product. You don’t get that oily gluggy feel left on the skin with most other products. A winner for me.
Absolutely love this product. My skin tends to be little dry these days. I’m in the over 50s age bracket now. When I put this serum on my face it feels a little sticky but in a good way. It feels soft and plump all day until I clean it. Because it’s so hydrating my wrinkles seem to be less prominent. It certainly lives up to its name hydrating.
I have been using the Caviar Treatments for over two months now and have had amazing results. Highly recommend these products.
Nice light scent. Seems to live up to its claims.
I love the way it feels applying the cleanser and the smell is just Divine. My skin is looking brighter and clearer. Didn’t think I’d like it as used to foaming cleanser but I’m glad I gave it a try.
Best thing I did was start using this product. Was the first product of JA’s I brought and am now replacing my other skin care with this brand as I run out. Serum is hydrating and is great for after acid peels for soothing the skin.
I’ve been a Beauty Therapist for 30 years, I have never had so many comments about how much younger my skin looks until trying JA. I can’t wait to try more from the range, finally a product that delivers what it promises plus more!
Clients love the products as they see visible improvements in their skin.
Absolutely the best cream I have used. I have very sensitive skin prone to rashes, and this cream completely worked, and my skin has never looked better. Looking forward to trying some of their other products.
I have tried Juliette Armand products and they are unbelievably special!!! I am glad to reorder for a 3rd time their products and experience with slightly different type of cleanser and serum after taking their professional recommendation.  Highly recommend to everyone!!
My daughter Jem was suffering from quite severe acne . She was under a lot of stress with several personal issues and was in her final year of school.  This was so debilitating for her and knocked her confidence. We were recommended to Juliette Armand products for acne. Since using them her skin has dramatically improved. Coupled with  treatments at the local beauty salon using Juliette Armand. The improvement has been progressive and her skin is getting so much clearer, which in turn has boosted her confidence. I can't recommend Juliette Armand products enough. They are powerful and they really work!
" This is the best sunscreen I have come across. Its modern, light, gel formula, its light tint and its lovely smell make its application in the morning a happy moment. It is manufactured without parabens; it is mineral oil free, propylene glycol free, allergen free. It lasts all day, it's not sticky, it does not melt off my face, it does not make my face get excessively oily, and it does not block my pores. It is formulated with aloe vera and I think this is why it feels so fresh and soothing. As I am located in Greece, where the sunlight is plenty and strong throughout the year, I can vouch for its effectiveness. It efficiently protects from the damaging sun rays; no sun spots, no sun burns. "
" Was introduced to the product overseas in Europe at the beauty therapists and stocked up...it is absolutely amazing especially for my older skin ......Thank you for bringing it to Australia My niece is a beautician in Greece and introduced me to the product in 2012 ....she gave me the 06 the professional packs...previously I used Chanel but the Juliette Armand products leave the big name brands for dead.....and the cream for the cellulite unbelievable...I'm due for another order within the next month .....so I'd like to try the serum and the masks...Again thank you for making such a great product accessible."
" Truly love it!  All of the clients love how their skin feels.  Looking forward to learning more about the products."
" I just had to write and compliment you on one of your products.  The Exfoliating Body Wash, I absolutely love, love, love it and so does my skin!  Not only does it smell amazing, but it exfoliates my skin so well even though it doesn’t feel too gritty.  My whole body feels silky smooth after using it.  A definite 10/10! "
Juliette Armand is one of our main skin care brands that we are using here at CHC Pharmacy and we are loving it. We opened our Beauty Room about 4 months ago and have been using Juliette Armand on all of our clients for their facials and treatments. The feed back we have had off them has been so positive. We love taking time to select the right serums and creams for each individual as we all have such different skin.  Juliette Armand makes it easy for us as the selection is so big. Our customers have been coming back in to us with amazing results and buying more products to maintain their Juliette Armand addiction. My personal favorite is the Sirtuin Serum, I use this one twice a day added with my Antiwrinkle Caviar Cream. My skin is feeling  so hydrated and youthful since I have been using this combination. One of the most popular products we sell is the Collagen Elastin serum. A customer came in with some lines near her mouth area that she was concerned about, so I offered her the Collagen Elastin Serum and said to try it on the areas she wanted more elasticity in. She was and in only 6 days and we could already see huge results. Now she uses it religiously and her skin is looking amazing.  She is so happy with the product and her skin. Hearing all the feedback from our customers makes us so happy that we have the Juliette Armand range on offer.
" After coming out of winter, i noticed my face was not only a lot more lined but dryer than usual. One of our local companies had a special on facials and this was recommended by a friend. Well to my surprise after coming out of there I looked about 5 years younger, I really was surprised myself as I thought these products were like all the others. I have very sensitive skin and have to be very careful what I use. I still use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Caviar Antiwrinkle Cream.  My skin has still stayed looking  hydrated and plumped up.  This is a bonus for someone in their 50’s and I love it! My advice is to go and get a facial girls and try these products, they are great!"
" We took on board Juliette Armand Products late 2015. We are JA fans now. The products are showing remarkable results and they sell themselves. Our facials have become exciting with so many to choose from and having the faith in the products that clients will feel results. Stillwater Beauty's 3 top sellers are the Eye Cream, Eye Serum and Nourishing Night Cream. Ladies these 3 products are a MUST have in any ladies collection. Keep up the great work JA! "